"I want to continue to push the boundaries of my dancers' movement and diversify their creative setting to curate a deeper understanding of the artistic self."

Founded in 2009

Founded in 2009

Artistic Statement

My art has a spontaneous energy texturized by my movement impulses. I am driven to find a wide range of dynamic expressions while in motion and I choose to embrace the fact that movement will never be done the same way twice. Dance lives and dies within the very moment of its creation or execution. These deaths allow a freedom to explore limitless possibilities; possibilities that exist not only for myself, but also for my pupils.  

My days are filled with teaching dancers with a wide range of artistic abilities and body types. Whether I am guiding the early moments of discovery for a young dancer, or fine-tuning a seasoned artist, each effort brings unique challenges and joys. When working with these bodies in a space I am attracted to the differences rather than the similarities between them. There is nothing richer than the exploration of diversity found within these juxtapositions. 


Amanda Kay White is a founding member of Orange County, California’s critically acclaimed dance company Backhausdance. Amanda is an alumni of Chapman University with a BFA in Dance Performance and a BA in Communication Arts with an emphasis in Advertising. She also recently graduated from Jacksonville University with her MFA in Choreography. Her works have been seen at Pasadena Dance Festival, American Celebration, The Core Collective, Epilepsy Network Benefit Concert, Chapman Touring Company, American College Dance Festival, MixMatch Dance Festival and Chapman University faculty concerts. Amanda is currently on faculty at Chapman University, Orange County School of the Arts and South Coast Conservatory. Along with teaching at SCC, she is the executive advisor to their national award winning dance team and director of the jazz department.

Recent Works

Lost and Found - 2016

Assemblage - 2015

Escapism - 2014

Little Blue Something - 2014

I Zimbara - 2014

VS - 2013

Adrift - 2013

Used to Be - 2012

Teaching Credits

  • Chapman University                
  • South Coast Conservatory   
  • Backhausdance Summer Intensives